Wind Energy for Homes

wind energy for homes

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Ideal Inventor of the Year 2011

This fantastic news is testimony to this amazing product. The Secret Energy Turbine Ranging from the tiny Chimney Pot 30cm 25 watt system, suitable for lighting circuits to our 350watt 1meter Clock Tower which could run a whole house. All turbines come with a full 10 year guarantee. This is the first award Rupert has received for his designs and he delighted to have beaten off stiff competition.

"I am shocked and amazed to have won!" was Rupert`s reaction as he received his award from TV celebrity Suzi Perry.

The Secret Energy Turbine

A family of silent, and visually disguised vertical axis wind turbines featuring latest maglev technology and permanent magnet generators. These turbines are designed for ultimate reliability and state of the art efficiency. They can be tailored to blend into any style of property, silently and secretly producing electricity. From Japan to Europe, New Zealand to Nepal every minute , 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year SET`s are now flying. Silently and beautifully contributing to our planets most pressing need. We believe there should be generators on every windy roof across the planet, and the SET is designed to to do just that.